Transformer 8400 Charger Series



The Transformer 8400 Multi-Charging Stations are now available in customizable configurations. Built by stacking together multiple Charging Units, these devices utilize a single foundation with wiring that allows all charging bays to be powered by a single power outlet.  All Chargers are made with Antimicrobial plastics and come with the Power Supply included! 


Single Unit Charging Stations

To start, we offer the Dual Charger which is a direct replaced for the OEM 1310-37222-701.  This charger simultaneously chargers 1 phone and 1 spare battery pack.

Modular Units

Next we have three different Modular Unit charging stations, which are available as standalone products. The Type-B unit is a Quad Charger for battery packs. The Type-F unit fits two 8400 series phones. Lastly, the Type-X is a mixed unit, and can charge 1 Phone and two Battery Packs. All battery and phone charging bays can fit both the Standard and Extended capacity batteries.


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Customizable Stacked Configurations

Larger charging configurations can be built by stacking up to 4 Modular Units together on a single foundation. These stacked Charging Stations can be built on either Horizontal or Vertical foundations, and utilize a single DC Jack power supply.

To limit the number of possible combinations, we only use the Type-B and Type-F in stacks.


Part Number Table Guide

All Transformer 8400 Charging Stations utilize the same Part Number formula, starting with the intro CH-TF8400- ... The final characters of the Part Number indicate the configuration by indicating the orientation of the Charging Station with either an H for horizontal, or V for vertical, followed by listing in order the types of Modular Units stacked together. Charging Stations are always configured by the number of Phones followed by the number of Battery charging bays.


1-2 week lead time for Customized Stacked Chargers

Contact us for product availability or to place an order for all of our stacked multi unit chargers.