Received & Donated!

May 26th 2020

After weeks being in the dark on whether or not we would receive the 40,000 Medical Masks we ordered from China, our shipment arrived in full a few weeks ago. We were relieved and excited, but we still had work to do before we could donate. The first thing we did was test our Masks. We put them through the gauntlet of tests recommended by the FDA to make sure our Medical Masks met all the necessary requirements. We made a video of our testing to send
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Ups and Downs

May 4th 2020

So far, we at Artisan Power have been very fortunate in our efforts to supply what we can to the healthcare areas in need around us. As we accounted, we were able to acquire and donate thousands of Masks, Coveralls, and Face Shields, and our early successes have encouraged us to continue purchasing and donating what we can. A few weeks ago, we placed an order for 40,000 Surgical Masks that we have been awaiting. Over the weeks we received very little information, and c
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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going!

Apr 24th 2020

As we continue through this pandemic, we are seeing and hearing of so many positive stories that encourage us to continue doing what we can to help our greater Healthcare Professionals on the frontlines of this disease. We recently ordered 1,000 Medical Coveralls that required us to hire a third-party customs clearance broker who filed for FDA registration on our behalf. Customs clearance was another speedbump to navigate in our efforts to make medical supply donations. We
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Donating 6000 Medical Masks! With even more on the way!

Apr 16th 2020

Medical Face Masks are difficult to come by, and there are so many different versions out there. As we know, N95 masks are the best for protection from COVID-19, but as this pandemic continues we are all being instructed to wear whatever type of masks we may have when we are out in public. We were able to obtain 6000 Surgical Medical Masks, which we donated to our local hospitals, town health departments and healthcare professionals. We have also ordered another 40
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Artisan Power is making Medical Donations to help fight COVID-19

Apr 9th 2020

We at Artisan Power have been closely following COVID-19 since the outbreak first started in China. While this pandemic continues hurt our communities, our country, and the world, we have seen numerous positive stories of people and businesses offering up whatever help they can to aid Hospitals and Communities in need. These stories have inspired us as a small business to use our resources to try and make a difference in our greater communities, and we hope our story will help i
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